First multiprocess/webextension Release

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 | 21:52

Finally, after many, many, many hours of work I decided that the current state of development was good enough to be released as version 2.0.0beta1 to the Bèta channel.

You can download the bèta release from here:

Be aware that this a a bèta version and may still contain some bugs.
If you are willing to test this version, any feedback is much appreciated.

If you want to transfer your current formhistory to the new version you can do so by first exporting the history from the old version and import them back in after you installed the new bèta version.

It might be wise to test this version first in a separate profile.

To give you an idea of the amount of work: the last 11 weeks I have done 166 commits to the source repository adding 16584 lines of code and deleting 9179 lines.


Unknown said...

Great job! Time to test!
How can we help you to translate the extension?

Stephan Mahieu said...

Hi Krzysztof,

I still have to find a platform where I can host the files that need translation. In the mean time, if anyone is willing, I can provide a file with all strings that need translation, it contains about 120 locale specific strings.

Unknown said...

Why can't you just use Github? Some other extensions use that, i.e.

elladahellas.blogspot said...



right click menu > form history control > manage history.

the dialog that appears has a menu bar. is it possible to add the same menu bar on the dialog that appears when clicking the extension icon in the FF UI?


why the separate dialog that appears from right clicking on a page, has more entries than the dialog from the FF UI icon? (images for both feedback items.)

Stephan Mahieu said...

Using github for translators would require them to have an account on github and have some basic knowledge about cloning or forking and pull requests. I do not thinks that is very user-friendly for the majority of translators. I suspect not many of them will have a basic understanding of git.

Regarding the question of adding the same menu-bar for the popup-dialog that appears when you righ-click the icon: that would be possible yes, but i wanted to keep this popup very basic. This popup will also show only the formhistory for the current active page. What do others think? Should this popup have the same menubar as well?

Regarding the right-click menu being different when you click the page vs right-clicking the icon: this is actually a limit opposed on by Firefox. This context-menu is the same as the page-contexmenu (by design).
I can only add 6 items to the right-click contextmenu of the icon. So i have chosen to get the first 6 menu-items from the right-click page contextmenu and excluded the menu-separators because they also count for the max limit as well.
What i can do is add submenu(s) but this would also impact the page-contextmenu which already has two levels.

elladahellas.blogspot said...

i'm very experienced with computers, but i find github extremely difficult to use. a good alternative would be a dedicated section on the blog, some kind of a wiki, or special "feedback contact email" that users would use to send feedback.

as for the FF menu bar icon, if you want it minimal, it's fine with me, but at least a refresh button so we can refresh the list of the entries, in case it doesn't automatically do that when we open it.

please see the video so you can understand what i'm talking about. the FF menu bar icon shows fewer form entries than the list from the page right-click context menu .
also when i open the form list, it displays ALL sites, and not just entries from the current active tab.

Stephan Mahieu said...

The popup that appears when right-clicking on the FHC icon can not be resized or moved and closes automatically(all Firefox restrictions), so I see this popup as quick way to access the Formhistory. Therefore I have chosen to show only the formhistory entries that (may) belong to the fields visible on the current page (it shows all entries when no fields are visible). That is why it may show fewer entries then when it's opened in another way. So a refresh is not needed here.

To make it more clear that you see a subset of the data i have included an extra piece of text next to the title to clarify this.

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