Release bugfix

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 | 21:48

Adam reported the following issue via email:
Hello, in my opinion the latest version of the plugin History Form Control does not save textarea eg with gmail etc. The older she saved without problems.

Investigation of this issue revealed that GMail creates/updates an input form dynamically and thus no event handlers were attached to the form to capture user input.
Luckily I found a way to observe mutations made in the DOM tree which gave me a way to attach event-handlers to newly created elements.

After a bit of a struggle and some rigorous testing I came up with a decent solution. Hopefully this fixes all potential problems with dynamically added content.


Anonymous said...

white popupscreen when you want to edit entries. Besides that not working at all anymore. Had to switch it off to get autofill running again.

Stephan Mahieu said...

To set the preference to ON for overriding the default autocomplete with a custom one was a bad mistake. It does not make sense to turn on autocomplete that gets its values from a database that for the vast majority of users is still empty. Only in time, when more formhistory data is collected by the new add-on, does it make sense to switch.

The next version ( that just came online will have the default override turned off.

B.t.w. The database is initially empty because the new API does not allow access to the builtin Firefox formhistory database. Therefor this add-on will start collecting its own set of formhistory entries.

Also the popup that appears when you left-click the icon (also initially empty because no data collected yet) will now show all entries instead of only the entries applicable to the current active webpage.

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