Sunday, June 24, 2012 | 17:58

At last a new release. Many improvements in this release. Also had to get rid of a few deprecated methods including some regarding multithreading which were not easy to deal with.

Here is a list of the many new improvements:
  • New feature: Backup multiline/WYSIWYG (editor)fields while typing (before submit)
  • New feature: Restore multiline/WYSIWYG fields
  • New feature: Customize save formhistory: only save form history for listed sites (either blacklist or whitelist)
  • New feature: Export/Import manager (choose what to export/import)
  • Extra option: show/hide Formhistory Control in FF app menu (default is show)
  • Extra option: export/import dates in ISO format (default is ISO)
  • Extra button to hide cleanup options (cleanup tab)
  • Improved regular expression for Creditcards (to use Restore RegExp)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved browsehistory view
  • Fix: skip duplicate entries from imported xml-file
  • Fix: unresponsive script error on slow computers and/or large history databases (using background timer threads)
  • Available locales for this version: en cs da de es fr nl tr

And the more technical changes include:
  • Getting rid of all threads (processNextEvent)
  • Places lookup query is processed in the background (using a timer-thread) if it takes more than 250ms
  • Places lookup optimization, only query for dates present in the history table (> earliestVisit date)
  • Refactored DOMParser.parseFromStream (deprecated) to parseFromString
  • Get rid of the new AddonManager (async methods are unusable, threads forbidden), always use the install.rdf file to obtain add-on information.
  • Minor bugfix: formhistory controls toolbarmenu or statusbarmenu can be null (fixes: "Error: tbMenu is null")
  • Converted BrowseHistory from HTML-XUL mix (iframe+places.html) to pure XUL

Reviewed by Mozilla: Tuesday, 3 July 2012, 20:01