Sunday, June 24, 2012 | 17:58

At last a new release. Many improvements in this release. Also had to get rid of a few deprecated methods including some regarding multithreading which were not easy to deal with.

Here is a list of the many new improvements:
  • New feature: Backup multiline/WYSIWYG (editor)fields while typing (before submit)
  • New feature: Restore multiline/WYSIWYG fields
  • New feature: Customize save formhistory: only save form history for listed sites (either blacklist or whitelist)
  • New feature: Export/Import manager (choose what to export/import)
  • Extra option: show/hide Formhistory Control in FF app menu (default is show)
  • Extra option: export/import dates in ISO format (default is ISO)
  • Extra button to hide cleanup options (cleanup tab)
  • Improved regular expression for Creditcards (to use Restore RegExp)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved browsehistory view
  • Fix: skip duplicate entries from imported xml-file
  • Fix: unresponsive script error on slow computers and/or large history databases (using background timer threads)
  • Available locales for this version: en cs da de es fr nl tr

And the more technical changes include:
  • Getting rid of all threads (processNextEvent)
  • Places lookup query is processed in the background (using a timer-thread) if it takes more than 250ms
  • Places lookup optimization, only query for dates present in the history table (> earliestVisit date)
  • Refactored DOMParser.parseFromStream (deprecated) to parseFromString
  • Get rid of the new AddonManager (async methods are unusable, threads forbidden), always use the install.rdf file to obtain add-on information.
  • Minor bugfix: formhistory controls toolbarmenu or statusbarmenu can be null (fixes: "Error: tbMenu is null")
  • Converted BrowseHistory from HTML-XUL mix (iframe+places.html) to pure XUL

Reviewed by Mozilla: Tuesday, 3 July 2012, 20:01


Anonymous said...

I wanted to know if mozilla firefox sync supports Form History Control data base

Stephan Mahieu said...

I do not use firefox sync myself, but I suspect form history data will be synced because this database is created and updated by firefox.

Definitely not synced is the data stored in the database created and maintained by my extension. This database contains most configuration settings as well as the formhistory of all editor/multiline fields.
You can however sync this data manually if you wish by doing an export on one computer and importing the exportfile in another.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks to you

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