Multiprocess Firefox is coming...

Sunday, May 21, 2017 | 15:10

Firefox 55 will be released on August 8th.

One of the changes:
Recently, we turned on a restriction on Nightly that only allows multiprocess add-ons to be enabled. You can use a preference to toggle it.

See the full post about FF 55 add-on compatibility on the Mozilla Add-ons Blog.

Progress on the new version is slow. I have been very busy at work which is consuming much of my time and energy. I also have to spend more time in the garden and the vacation period is at hand. So please be patient, the new version is coming...


Helder said...

I just discovered that this plug-in was preventing multi-process from being enabled in my everyday browser (Firefox 54.0.1/32-bit on Windows 10 1703/64-bit). I knew that the feature would be slowly enabled across the existing user base so I only decided to dig down now.

To check multi-process feature status:
1. go to about:support
2. search for Multiprocess Windows row
If Disabled by add-ons is displayed, than at least one plug-in is preventing multi-process. To find out which one(s), disable all your add-ons, then enable them one-by-one.

Therefore I'm patiently holding for the new version... ;-)
Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Any updates?

Stephan Mahieu said...

Almost there! Still a few issues left to solve or implement.
I suspect I still need a week or so. Thanks for your patience so far.

In the mean time it may be wise to export your current formhistory from the old add-on so you can import it into the new version later.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this add-on and would love to use it with FF 57+. Cannot wait for the new release.

If you let users donate your work, hopefully you will get some more motivation.

Anonymous said...

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