Release 1.2.8pre4

Sunday, December 12, 2010 | 20:19

In this release I improved the query of places information (the probable url the formfield was used). A user reported an unresponsive script error that was caused by the places query. I now perform the query asynchronous, after the main dialog is displayed. Unfortunately the method I have to use (using a different thread) is deprecated in FF4.0. In the next release I will further improve the performance and efficiency of the query and hope the unresponsive script will no longer occur (an unresponsive script error is triggered when a script takes more than 20(!) seconds to complete).

Changes in this release:
  • Added locales Czech, French, Swedish, Danish and Spanish
  • Fix possible unresponsive script error (query places db asynchronously)
  • Places lookup (url, host, title) temporarily not working in FF4.0b/SM2.1b (Bug 608142)
  • Minor technical improvements

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