Release 1.2.8pre2

Sunday, December 5, 2010 | 21:57

This is a pre-release of 1.2.8 with only English and Dutch translation. The final release will be published when all major translations are finished. The planned release date is two weeks from now. It can be downloaded from here (1.2.8pre2).

Changes in this release:
  • Added a preference-option to manually save formfields (save current field or all fields on the page).
  • When displaying info labels next to each formfield, clicking on a label will expand the label showing more info (javascript must be enabled).
  • Fixed not showing menu-icons in regexp menu when invoked from cleanup criteria dialog.
  • Fixed About dialog not properly displayed in 4.0.
  • Fixed Add-on bar right-click menu showing next to popup-menu of FHC itself (4.0).
  • Fixed this.treeBox.view.selection warning in 4.0.

When the manual save option is enabled in the preferences window (Miscellaneous - Manual save), extra keybindings will become available as well as extra menu-items in the contextmenu. This feature can be handy when 'Remember form history' is turned off, but one still wishes to remember form history for selected forms and fields.

I am planning a more sophisticated strategy for the next release (1.2.9?) where 'Remember form history' can be turned on or off on a per website basis.

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