Release 1.1.4

Sunday, December 13, 2009 | 22:19

Corrected some translation errors in locales de-DE, nl-NL, pt-BR and ru-RU. Apparently some translations were not uploaded to Babelzilla in utf-8. My IDE did not create an utf-8 encoded file for de-DE, nl-NL and pt-BR since all characters fitted the latin character set. The ru-RU translation probably was not in utf-8 either but some other (non latin, non utf-8) code-page.

Anyhow, I have uploaded a new version 1.1.4 with the correct translations. It is now in the sandbox waiting to be reviewed and released. If you can not wait you can download it from here.

[update 19 Dec 2009]
Version 1.1.4 has been reviewed and made public as of 19 December.


thingomy said...

Sorry to gate crash a blog post that isn't really relevent, but I can't find anywhere else to post this. Feel free to move it if you like.

I installed this a week or 2 ago, but I can't get it to do anything -- on bringing it's window up, it's just perpetually blank.

The reason I installed it was to prevent the insanly annoying situation of spending ages filling out a web form, then losing the contents for whatever reason (accedentally activating back by pressing backspace at the wrong time; connection dying during submission etc). Can this plugin even help with that?

Stephan Mahieu said...

Hi thingomy,

If you get a blank window (assuming you mean it does not display any historical data), you probably have Firefox setup in a way it does not remember the search and form history data at all.

You should check the privacy tab of Firefox option dialog. You probably have not checkmarked the "Remember search and Form history" option. In that case nothing is stored and my add-on has nothing to display.

If you are looking for an add-on to easily fill-in forms you should be looking for other add-ons like for example "lazarus:Form Recovery".

I am however planning to add functionality to my add-on to fill in a form using the most recent or the most used field values from the formhistory.

thingomy said...

lazarus: Form Recovery seems to be exactly what i've been looking for.

having had a look around the options window a couple of times now, I can't find the privacy option that affects forms, but I'll leave this installed, and have a look at it again later.

thank you for your help.

Troublemaker said...

Hope, your addon will repeat a fate of humble "Calendar" addon few years ago. Now that small enhancement evolved to the SunBird and Lightning projects...

Thank you!

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