Friday, September 21, 2018 | 12:48

Some small improvements:
  • Shortcut keys added for a variety of actions, configurable via preferences
  • Cleanup added to the drop down menu of the main dialog
  • Some minor layout improvements


Anonymous said...

When I try to download from Chrome and lick on link, it says 'Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.'.Please fix.


Stephan said...

Hi, I can not find a faulty link. Can you tell me precisely where on what page you found the faulty link?

Anonymous said...

Not working in latest version of Vivaldi - 2.2.1388.29
Please fix it.

Darryn said...

I'm confused about the FHC Export. For versions past 57 does the java program export the form history from the internal Firefox data files in a form that the new release 2 can read? Or do you have to install Firefox 57 to get that data?

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