Release Bugfix

Friday, December 22, 2017 | 17:59

Remove prematurely (incomplete) option features.

These additional preferences should not have been released, these extra options do completely nothing.
They were added in preparation for a new feature but got accidentally released.
Apologies for that, it is fixed (removed) in this release.


semicodin said...

I only use stable FF releases (thus using your version). May I suggest 2 improvements?

1. I use a date format of YYYY-MM-DD (followed by whatever day/hour/minute/second data). Any hope I will see?

2. Please open the path(s) to customization. I _never_ store my files on the same drive as the OS. Thank you and season's greetings!

Stephan Mahieu said...

@semicodin, regarding FHC

1. You already can, see the preferences of FHC. You can either select one of the predefined date-time formats or create your own. Anything is possible.

2. Data is stored in the same location as Firefox does, that is in the profile. With the help of the profilemanager you can create a profile in any location you like. Start Firefox from the commandline and add -P, -p or -ProfileManager (any of them should work). (

Anonymous said...

There's big problem when you have many inputs and textboxes in one page, once you click on "fill fields with most recent entries", it fills all fields with the same single content.
in past when you click on that option, it used to fill each input/textbox with its own recent content. even though each input/textbox has its own unique id and name.
The problem occurs on all other available options, even when you select a specific content to apply on a selected textbox, it applies it on all other textboxes and inputs. Please fix this bug, as the plugin is now useless with this bug.

Stephan Mahieu said...

I can not reproduce this (it fills all fields with the same single content).
Can you direct me to a particular site/page where you see this happen?

Jesheckah said...


on the main page of the thing, you said.

If you have no importfile, I can provide you with a standalone Java application that can export the formhistory data from the old version. I will publish a help page with instructions very soon but for now you may contact me by e-mail or post a request on the support website and I will send you the instructions directly."

I'm assuming this is where we are meant to comment.

If you could send me an e-mail ( I would appreciate it.

Stephan Mahieu said...

For the application to export the formhistory data, see:
The link will direct you to the application and some instructions on how to use it.

Unknown said...

Not support firefox 53.0.3

harl windwolf said...

For some reason, certain input fields seem inaccessible to the add-on (or maybe they're blocked deliberately) even though the browser itself is able to auto-fill the same fields just fine.
For example, when I'm on PayPal and I want to remove the login credentials I used to login before, the add-on isn't able to find anything useful (neither version nor version, although the old version still lists fields and data on other sites, just not certain sites like PayPal's).
I'm using Firefox 56.0, so that may have something to do with it.

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