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  • Fix for changes in FF 22: `nsITreeView` interface was changed to remove all `nsISupportsArray` usage (see bugzilla).


Anonymous said...

Firefox release 23b8 July 24, 2013 - this extension still not recording data.

Stopped recording July 19-2013 - Firefox 23b7 was released that day.

Started keeping duplicate data entries per field a few weeks prior to that. Possibly Firefox release 23 issue.

Anonymous said...

July 24,2013 -
Anonymous that posted earlier today found the error of his ways. Data recording is recording as advertised in Firefox release 23b8 and other release 23 beta versions.

Had option in form history options set to display current display only. Not certain of the use of that; but, don't plan to use it again. Certain it works fine too. Just do not understand it ;)

Duplicate data confuses me too. Hard to explain, so ignore my comment. The entry only shows once in history; but, under certain conditions, if I click an empty form field to see past entries a duplicate value appears below form box even though it only exists once in history. Has been going on for the last two betas (7 & 8) of release 23 Firefox.

Stephan Mahieu said...

About the duplicate data displayed in the box below the formfield: that is still entirely controlled by Firefox.

OldProfessorBear said...

Am unable to import my form history from my laptop (which is necessary bec. I inadvertently destroyed the original).

How is import supposed to work?

Stephan Mahieu said...

First of all your backup needs to be an xml file. You can not use a comma separated values (csv) file (hence the warning when you do a csv export).

How it works:
1. Choose export from the main menu of "Form History Control", check the items you wish to backup, hit the export button and a file dialog will appear allowing you to save.

2. Choose import from the main menu of "Form History Control", select the file you saved in step 1, hit the import button, check the items you wish to import, hit the import button.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment and it said it posted but now I don't see it. Did you get my comment?

Stephan Mahieu said...

Yes I got your comment in the mail, but it never showed up here, strange..

I will repeat it here for you, and then post my comment after that.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Release":

Stephan thanks for Form History Control. I am using version on Firefox Aurora. I have enabled 'Let Form history Control manage form history' and 'Remember Form History'.

A few comments about the tool:

Within the last month or two I noticed what others have noticed, there is duplicate data.

I notice that form data doesn't seem to be saved from certain forms for some reason. This does not appear to be related to autocomplete (no autocomplete attributes are found on the pages where this happens). Is that a known issue and do you have any advice for me?

Could you please consider some sort of autofill the same way they do (or used to do) in Chrome? In other words when you visit a page if it recognizes a form then that form is filled without any user interaction. Right now I have to right click and choose one of the 'Fill Fields ...' options for each page I want to fill out a form on.

Also is your source up anywhere, like github, etc?


Stephan Mahieu said...

The duplicate data you and others have noticed, I never experienced myself. Do you really have duplicate entries or is it just displayed twice? If you close and then open Form History Control again, are duplicates still visible?
I would really like to fix this problem, but up till now I have not been able to reproduce this behavior. If you find a way to reproduce this, please let me know, any help is appreciated.

Regarding the formdata not always being saved: if form history control is managing formhistory, all it does is preventing formdata being saved for selected sites. If you do not let form history control manage this, all data should be saved. This could be a workaround for your problem.
If you notice the icon of form history control: when fhc is managing form history, the icon will show if form data will be saved or not for the current page with a little green plus sign or a red minus sign.
Also keep in mind that form history data is not saved when in private browsing mode.

The autofill option is certainly a good idea. I will put that on the todo list.

If you have more questions or need my assistance, you can also send me a pm:

The source can be found at:

Anonymous said...

Stephan thanks for the reply. Here's a screenshot of Form History Control showing a duplicate entry. Even if I turn off the extension when I click in a form with 'email' I will see the two entries. I can delete the duplicate manually but there are others. All of the duplicate entries are similar: there's one with a lot of use and one with just 1 use. If there could be an option like "flush duplicates" that would be helpful.

I tried what you suggested regarding certain forms not being saved but it didn't work. I wonder, do you think my form history could be corrupt and is there any way to check that to determine one way or the other? Thanks

Stephan Mahieu said...

Saving formdata for textfields is primarily performed by Firefox. My add-on just displays the data that is being stored.
The way I see it there are two possible explanations: either the database is corrupt or something else (an add-on, maybe even mine) is interfering while data is being stored.

To eliminate the possibility of a corrupt database you could do the following:
1. export all formhistory data as xml using my add-on
2. exit FF, delete the database (save a copy elsewhere)
3. start FF, the database wil be recreated
4. use import from my add-on to get your data back.

The database is called "formhistory.sqlite" and is located in your profile directory.

You can find the profile directory using the help menu of Firefox, choose "Troubleshooting Information, button "Open containing folder" will take you directly to the profile directory.

Exporting and importing will not get rid of the duplicate entries. I am afraid there is no other way but doing it manually with the help of my add-on.

Stephan Mahieu said...

It turns out that the duplicate formhistory entries that may sometimes appear is actually a bug in Firefox:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info, I'm glad they fixed it. I did export and then import my history as you suggested, and also I disabled FHC from managing history. There are still forms where the information isn't saved. They are for internal sites. I will try and be on the lookout for a public form that I can give as an example.

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