Sunday, November 18, 2012 | 14:12

A new release with some minor updates.
  • Added pt-BR translation.
  • Fix: occasional TypeError: can't access dead object
  • Resolved some minor warnings showing up in the console logging.


Fiona said...

I've just downladed this because it got great reviews but now that I've installed it, Firefox hangs when I click on Options. Can anyone help?

Stephan Mahieu said...

Sorry to hear :-(

It could be a problem with some other add-ons you have installed. Can you tell me which add-ons you have installed, which firefox version and which operating system? Is it the options of Firefox or the options of the add-on which causes the freeze?

Perhaps if you can send me the "Troubleshooting Information" from FF help menu, it would help me enormously investigating your problem.
You can post the information here or mail it to

You can uninstall the add-on from the add-on manager of Firefox.

Fiona said...

Thanks. I'm sending in an email because it's too big to post here.

Stephan Mahieu said...

After I responded to Fiona with some suggestions and a link to the support forum (, she emailed this response back to me:

Hi Stephan

Thanks for your help. I found the answer on the Mozilla support forum as you suggested. I uninstalled ActiveX and it was then ok.

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