Saturday, January 28, 2012 | 01:09

Minor change in this release:

- Added locales for ru

Thanks to Vinser for updating the Russian translation.


Anonymous said...

Can I hope to have italian translation ?

Stephan Mahieu said...

The original translator for the Italian locale has not been very active lately, the current Italian translation status is at 82% leaving 85 strings untranslated.
I have contacted the translator and asked for an update.

To speedup the process you might consider signing up as a translator yourself and join the translator team. For more information see Translating is easy and can be done online.

Anonymous said...

Ok thank you !

Anonymous said...

This plugin doesn't work for me, and I want to remove it. There is no uninstall feature, and the plugin doesn't show up in the about:plugins feature of Firefox. Please, provide info on how to delete this plugin.

Stephan Mahieu said...

Have you tried restarting Firefox? This add-on becomes active only after restarting Firefox. After restarting this add-on can be disabled or removed with the help of the Add-ons manager (Tools menu in the menu-bar: Add-ons, or if you have the menu-bar disabled: Firefox-dropdown menu: Add-ons)

The about:plugins feature only show system-plugins, not regular add-ons like mine.

Anonymous said...

I entered the preferences It gives this error..


Stephan Mahieu said...


Finally could reproduce this error, it is a problem in the Turkish translation.
This is how you can fix this yourself if you do not want to wait for an update:

1. First you have to locate the folder where the extension is stored: in the Help menu of Firefox select "Troubleshooting information". In the page that opens click the "Show folder" button.
2. Locate the translation file: go to folder extensions\\chrome\locale\tr
3. Open file formhistory.dtd with a text-editor (make a backup first!) that can handle UTF-8 encoding
4. On lines 223 and 224 replace the text "…" by ".."
5. Save the file, make sure the file is saved as text

If you send me your emailadres ( I can mail you a correct version of this file.

Stephan Mahieu said...

I have submitted a new version ( to Mozilla. This update becomes available after review by Mozilla.

You can install the unreviewed version here:

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