Monday, July 25, 2011 | 16:51

Minor changes to keep up to date with the latest FF/SM versions.

Some methods in the nsiJSON library I use in order to create an autocomplete searchfield for fieldnames (advanced search) have been deprecated. Since the autocomplete did not work anymore due to some earlier updates in FF, I decided to drop this feature.

See also the release-notes.


Anonymous said...

Need to repeat that this is a fantastic add on for FF.

1. I am using it since FF 4+, and now on FF 7.01, and the problem is that FF freezes because of SQLite. This occurs not only with this add on, but with any other add on that relies on SQLite to store data. I believe that the problem is FF, since I only store 25 short entries. Is there anything I can do to trap this problem and notify FF?
2. Is there a way to copy back the saved history from cleanup?


Stephan Mahieu said...

I have been using my add-on on FF 7.01 as well but have not experienced any freeze yet.
Maybe it has something to do with the combination of multiple add-ons using SQLite at the same time.

In order to investigate this problem, can you tell me under which circumstances the freezes occur?
Were you using Form History Control at the time?
Further more I am interested to know which other add-ons you have installed.
Perhaps you can use "Troubleshooting Information" from FF help menu to provide me some more info.

About a backup for restoring after a cleanup:
You can use the Export menu-item from the File menu of Form History Control to make a backup (but not the CSV export).
The exported file can be imported later from the File menu to add the items that have been cleaned-up.

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