Release 1.2.4

Sunday, June 20, 2010 | 11:05

The Portuguese translation for the latest version became available and is now included in this version.

I tested Form History Control on the nightly build of Firefox (3.7a6pre) to discover that the Extension manager had been replaced by a new Addon manager. This change affected both the About dialog and the information tab in the Preference dialog. Both dialogs display some information about the Extension itself which is obtained from the Extension manager. I had to make some changes in order to make it work with both the old and new manager.

Changed the Firefox maxVersion to 3.7a6pre in install.rdf.

I also tested the new beta version of the Flock browser. Since the new version is based on Google Chrome, the Form History Control Extension will no longer be supported.


Tony Mechelynck said...

SeaMonkey 2.1a2pre uses the same "new addons manager" as Firefox 3.7a6pre. Maybe a maxVersion change is in order there too?

Stephan Mahieu said...

maxVersion seamonkey updated to 2.1a2

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