Release 1.0.7

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 | 11:52

This release contains a major bug fix for Mac OS X.

The extension got finally reviewed. Unfortunately the add-on had to remain in the sandbox because of a major bug crashing Firefox on Mac OS X. Since I have no access to an Apple Mac, I could not test my extension on Darwin. It was my hope that the extension would behave the same independent of the underlying platform. I did test my extension on Windows and Linux. As it turned out, menu's behave a little different on a Mac and my implementation (two edit menu's for the history-tab and the cleanup-up of which one is always hidden) caused the browser to crash. Unhiding an edit-menu was no problem, hiding however did not work and two edit menu's displayed at the same time did not please the Mac at all.

The solution was to use one edit-menu, and only show the menu-items applicable for the selected tab and hide the others.

In order to test my fix, I needed access to an Apple Mac. Fortunately, with a little help from google-search, I came across the OSx86 project. In a few hours I had a Mac OS X virtual machine running on my Intel PC and I was able to finally test my extension in Firefox on a Mac.

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